by You and Dennis

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    This is an Extended Play of a bewildered semi-artist. I hope it shows. Thank God for small-ish things like this.

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this is the first solo effort by the music project known to few as You and Dennis. the main featurette of our objectified gaze is the blue-eyed soul of an inexperienced homeless dependent we all can relate to, Dennis. his deep ballads and low-down dirty blues and grays capture the ear like a creaky hinge or rough hewn sandpaper on a monet. enjoy the sound of a hollis brown lookalike.

j'aime enculé, tu cerise colorée


released April 17, 2016

special shoutout my mother of my childhood. thank you. we all appreciate it here at walt disney studios.



all rights reserved


You and Dennis Ivins, Utah

You and Dennis is a solo music project launched sometime in april 2016 by a precocious young fuckup.

the main focus in the music is experimental jazz and folk punk vibes.

i am an amateur in every sense of the word.

thank you for taking this trip with me i hope you enjoy the show and as always, thank your pastor for introducing you to woody guthrie.

-sometime in april
somewhere in utah
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Track Name: Mr Barefoot
Oh, Mr Barefoot
Who have you been calling?
It's not your daughter
It's not your kin

Not at 3 am
This ungodly hour

Not quite college age
She's thrown herself
Thrown herself away

But it's okay I've sinned too
And I'm not impressed
I told my nephew
Everything would be alright; alright

Please hang up the phone
Give that bitch a dial tone

You're missing chances
And you're losing your tomatoes
Track Name: Small Dice
_(Instrumental only)_
Track Name: Held On Longer
I just love being alone
Picking out a home
Without you

Fucking over my family
Walking on by
Oh I must have missed you

Keep keep moving
I wouldn't want to impose
Ruin your day
It's okay, I fucking hate you